Big Brother 13 Spoilers

Big Brother After Dark to Return for BB13

Posted on: May 31, 2011

Big Brother After Dark will be on SHO2 on July 8th from 9pm to 12am PST. If you don’t have the Live Feeds this is a great way to watch the BIG BROTHER show. After Dark shows you one camera of uncensored footage LIVE from inside the BIG BROTHER 2011 house. Whereas the Internet Live feeds give you 4 cameras to view and allows you to switch between them. after Dark is a lot of fun for the medium core BB Fans I’m glad it’s coming back it gives a lot of people a inside look of what the show is really like.


2 Responses to "Big Brother After Dark to Return for BB13"

I am so HAPPY BB13 is back and full of surprises. This show saves the dullness of Summer shows that are full of reruns and things not worth watching~

big brother should have a penalty for the annoying. …kahlia pls stop talking non stop. I must take some time off watching showtime…her non stop yapping is killing me 🙂

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